Research and Development

Research and Development

Innovation and technology development across the world is indebted to research and development activities leading to economic growth and development. Moreover, it can be as a driving force behind the industrial and economic development in all countries. Globalization has changed the competitive environment for the last ten years.


Firms strengthen their research to find a strategy that guarantees their sustainable competitive advantage.

Nowadays, research and development in the world have a special position. So that industrialized countries devote a significant share of their income and workforce to research and development activities. The reason is that the large proportion of novel and sophisticated products, processes, and systems are the output of R & D procedures, which are the ultimate sources of economic progress.

The goal of the research and development directory is to improve the current technologies and services provided by Sang Baad Bahman Shargh corporate, as well as to develop innovations in order to strengthen the position of the corporate in the market.

The Planning and Development directory of Sang Baad Bahman Shargh Engineering Corporate has set some objectives for achieving the conceptual reality of this slogan.

The Planning and Development directory has 2-fold contribution:

  • Discovering and Creating New Opportunities in Renewable Energy
  • Developing partnerships with knowledge-based corporates associated with renewable energy