About Us

Progress Right off the Bat

انرژی تجدید پذیر


Considering the importance of today’s electricity power and surging in the prices of existing fossil fuels and their associated environmental restrictions; Nowadays, renewable energies have been utilized to generate electricity. Besides, wind and solar energies are two type of potential renewable energies in which “Sangbaad Bahman Shargh” corporate has diverse services in terms of installing, procurement, executing and managing of wind and solar power plants.

Therefore, in order to achieve the true position of our country as a most potent world’s energy-generating center, there is a necessity to not only improves the quantitative and qualitative energy production indices but also provides a cornerstone for facilitating the generation and transfer of novel technologies. Consequently, a collaborative cooperation among internal and international producer allies, as well as internal vendors, is needed.

To get this point, our corporate has taken a representation of the  Saba Niroo at the east of the country (a subdivided of Sadid holding)- the first manufacturer of wind turbines in Iran- to take advantages from the good practices of the most experienced manufacturer in Iran. Furthermore, Sang Baad corporate purchased the whole share of Faravahar Fanavar Kourosh corporate. Considering our two innovative products, namely a flexible solar panel, and a solar tracker, we are capable of offering different services in terms of consulting, designing and constructing solar power plants.

Moral Values

Our most important moral values are listed as below:

   Preserving the environment


  Focus on development of organization learning

    Protection of national values


   Accountability, Client Orientedness, and Customer Information Security


   Take care of the stakeholder’s interests and rights


Some of the most important strategic goals of our corporate are:

  • Improving the quality and quantity of provided services.
  • Participating in the determination of the strategies used for developing future perspectives of the country’s productivity in the electricity industry.
  • Creating loyalty in our customers by providing a wide range of high-quality and supportive services.
  • Updating our offerable services based on the latest technologies.
  • Creating more scientific and expert capabilities aimed at better interaction with international science and technology centers.
  • Providing advisory services to personality investors, organizations, vendors, and manufacturer companies (both public and private).